Yes! You feeling the urge to move your body? Feeling the full body YES!?

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The best part is, we get to do this together, wherever we are.


Dance to bless up your home.  Move with gratitude for your sacred space + the vessel that you occupy.


I'll be dancing too, sending you big love and I will check in along the way.  I'm here with you for these next 40 days, embracing the life currency and offering up my body prayers.  Prayers for peace and transformation. Prayers for healing. Prayers for love, joy + abundance! I can't wait to hear what comes through your personal commitment to moving as your own medicine.


Upon sign up, you'll receive an email with all the details including our 40 Days of Dance playlist with hours + hours of tracks for all moods + movement.

Made by us, for us! Can't wait to hear what your favorite tracks to groove to are. 


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