Autumn Equinox

Inner Harmony

with Sara Jade @radianceandritual

A journey into Autumn.

Guidebook + Supportive Rituals +Practices

Welcome stillness. Celebrate your growth + learning.  Observe, Pause + Feel. Make time for ritual recalibration.

Supportive Seasonal practices for YOU.

Following the height of solar energy, Autumn Equinox allows us a still-point, a pause, to steep in the magic + medicine of what we have culminated + cultivated through Summer's time of growth + illumination. Let us choose to enter in consciousness + clear intention by taking space to practice + reflect.


Step into ceremony with Self. Enjoy supportive practices to slow down. Breathe into a season of surrender + revel in personal reflection.  Embodiment lends to letting go, slow down to resource Inner Harmony.


Autumn Equinox / Inner Harmony is a self-paced journey inward. Creating a container that can ground + hold you through your process.  Offering inquiry, soundscape, movement practices + meditations to welcome Autumn with gratitude, and a deep trust in your own soul nourishment.

What's Included?

  • Seasonal practice guidebook - PDF

    - Creating your space, Setting intent, Seasonal Rituals + Themes.


    3 x  Practices with HD video

  • 1  Audio Meditation - Sit, lay down or walk.

  •  Prompts for Self-Reflection


    Intergrative Tools for Autumn


    Access to 2 Playlists | Yang/Yin

Meet Your Guide

  • Sara Jade, SJ @radianceandritual mother, intuitive movement guide, mystical kitchen witch, writer, creatress of the Dharma Temple, an evolving conscious events space.


    "My life is a Spiritual practice. My breath, body, emotions,  and environment create my sacred space. I hold what I have with respect + reverence. I rely on my intuition to guide my practice + take cues from Nature. I share from my personal experience, and trust folks to receive + integrate what is resonant.

    I encourage everyone I work with, to find the simple tools that work for them. I hold space for folks so they may find their own rhythm. I  love + nurture through cycles of joy + grief. My life's work is to create, connect, be present + play with my daughter. I love my garden, cooking + sharing meals, moving my body, tea ceremony and writing my hearts words." 


    You can get in touch with SJ, here :)


Autumn Equinox draws us back to ourselves after a season of growth, expansion + outward energy. The portal into Autumn Equinox is a momentary pause within the wheel of the year, to re-harmonize + resource what is most nourishing for us at this time. It is a time to both release, + fill our cup. Receive the invitation to intentionally step into personal practice + prayer.


Inner Harmony is a simple + self-paced guided journey into Autumn, meaning you can do the practices + writing exercises anytime. The classes are best paired with auxiliary or blue-tooth speaker.


There are 2 Autumn Playlists included in this offering! One shares rhythmic songs for ritual + release, then journeying into cozy indie vibes for nature strolls, cooking nourishing meals at home or intimate gatherings - uplifting + nostalgic. The second playlist is for deep rest + meditation, sharing some fall favorites for sitting with tea, journaling + post-practice relaxation.


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It was my absolute pleasure to create this offering! My prayer is that it meets you exactly where you are. May it allow for release, peaceful inquiry + an honoring of the nourishment you need to sustain you this Fall Season.


Have a beautiful Autumn Season, Blessed Be.






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