Sacred Space ∞ Soul Nourishment



 3-night retreat for Women

Facilitated by Krista Reierson + SJ Gooding


Lions Gate Portal

August 5-8


Xwlíl'xhwm  (Bowen Island, BC)

The ceremony begins when you say YES.

This retreat is about waking up to intuitive divine guidance through the landscape of the heart. The energy offered at this retreat acts as a conduit for the loving, nurturing and spiritual forces that facilitate  our personal process + growth.


Mystic Medicine has been carefully curated to run alongside a powerful astrological event, the Lions Gate Portal.  In communion with the energetics of the land, stars + heart, immerse in ancient kundalini awakening practices, astrological guidance, tea ceremony, ritual, and the art + science of relaxation. This retreat is created as loving offering to bring you home to yourself, so you may reclaim your highest unfolding.


Be nurtured + nourished by delicious plant-based food, beautiful company and idyllic natural setting.

What's Offered?

Time for YOU.

Embrace this mid-summer opportunity to be in the company of other women,

activate, process,  express,  celebrate + integrate!




  • 3-nights accomadation

    at the magical Xenia Centre

    Xenia offers the work of a Sanctuary inclusive of all traditions, spiritual studies + cultures. Beauty surrounds the comfortable + cozy cabins and yurts where we get to lay our heads after full days spent in practice, process + nature. All bedding is provided, but bring your own towel for bathing + the infrared sauna!

  • All Seasonal Plant-Based meals

    We are so blessed to have our beautiful conscious chef Lauren back creating delicious and nourishing meals. The food is carefully prepared to ground + elevate us through the weekend. Using a bounty of blessed up ingredients, Lauren cooks with love + intent that is tasted + felt in her food. Included are all meals, snacks, tea, mocktails + more!

  • Deep Personal Work

    This year has brought incredible change, challenge and questions. Mystic Medicine is lovingly designed as a portal into Self; to seek solace + guidance. Through yogic practices, channeled star teachings, earth based ancient wisdom + movement practices we will share the supportive space of personal autonomy. You are welcome to move through this weekend as you are, and take space to process/rest as you feel needed. Remember you are supported!

  • Connection, ceremony + the sacredness of sisterhood

    When women gather, to feel, express + relax into themselves, healing happens. This weekend provides a number of powerful experiences to transmute energy and access our inner healer. Xenia, our sacred container provides the peace + tranquility required to hold us in our healing work.  Together, we can support each other to heal ourselves, and bring forth creativity + necessary change.

Your Guides

Krista Reierson is the founder of Chalice Grove, a health and wellness platform, and is a sought-after explorer in the field of the human psyche; with a background in psychology and the mind, body, soul connection, Krista’s wisdom derives from her mental health hitting rock bottom. Somewhere deep within, she knew she had the ability to heal, nurture and love herself back into wholeness without the use of pharmaceuticals. 

Her company has a wide variety of products and services which include yoga and meditation facilitation, sacred adornment, writing, astro psychology, public speaking and digital courses.

Her work is deeply rooted in psychology, epigenetics, the quantum, ancient yogic philosophy and experiential-based-learning. 

Sara Jade (SJ) weaves with sensitivity through all she offers; movement medicine, yogic practices of Raj Hatha Yoga + Kundalini, earth-based + energetic healing, writing, ritual and life experience. SJ's nurturing presence invites reverence and holds space for individuals to resource inner guidance. Humbled by the Earth, elementals + Great Nature, she bows to the mystery, to the beauty of the breath + impermanence.


Embodiment, emotional harmony + sound/music as a healing are all components of her work. SJ's devoted personal practice has allowed her thrive in her art, business + creativity and her role as a Mother. Personal autonomy + choice are key elements in how she shares, intuitively inspiring individuals into their work. She fosters community in both the physical + virtual space,  teaches techniques for mental health, invites creative agency, offers spiritual council and is full-spectrum doula.




Retreat check in is at 3 PM on Thurs Aug 5.  Please arrive on time to settle in + relax!


You can travel to Bowen Island by ferry from Horseshoe Bay.


Car + Walk on options.


Click here for Bowen Island Ferry Schedule + Prices


Catch any of the following buses from Vancouver to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal: 250, 257, 257 Express, 259. All end at Horseshoe Bay.


**Car Pool Options**  We will be sending out an email a week or 2 before we gather, and will start a thread of who will be bringing their car + discuss if any rides are required.


Xenia Centre is located at:
782 Smith Road
Retreat Check-Out is at NOON Sunday Aug 8 2021



All pricing for a 3 night stay includes;  seasonal vegetarian meals, snacks and refreshments,  comfortable, cozy lodging,  yoga, meditation + ceremonial experiences.





JULY 15 - AUG 1 

Single Bed =$444 / per night

Queen  = $481/ per night



*If you are registered + come down with symptoms of illness 1 week prior to retreat, we will 100% refund you.

If under one week notice, we will provide 50% refund.



Mystic Medicine

Soul Nourishment, Sisterhood + Cosmic Upgrades through the Lions Gate Portal

AUG 5-8 2021

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