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The Summer Solstice portal over June 19-21st has immense power to alchemize + transmute energy.... will you  choose to enter in consciousness, determine your clear intent by taking space to practice + reflect?


June is the  final of R+R  Spring Session, and the initiation of Summer. Explore a curation of practices + tools, as well as fabulous live virtual events to connect to our unique sense of divinity.  We explore the Rose in this month's collection within The Living Manual


Compassion, Tenderness + Expression are key teachings of the Rose.


In learning about our Rose connection, we embracing beauty + thorns in the same light. 



Solstice Sadhana is a self-paced guided that aligns with the high solar energy available at Summer Solstice.


When we work IN to balance the intense solar energy, we create a container that can ground + hold us. Practice dynamic embodiment, and focused meditation to align our energy and initiate inspired, compassionate action.


Beautiful events + meditations this month are curated to stoke your creative reserves and come into confident embodied celebration of Self.



Celebrate a new season in a virtual sacred space.  Explore self-led ritual and experience transformative live events with international facilitators. Go at your own pace + embrace sacred practices in community. 




Attend a single session ala carte.  Sliding scale contribution will receive a pdf zoom link of event details upon purchase.  All event times are in pacific standard times. Non-refundable, Non-transferrable. Ala carte events are live only. For on demand replays, get all access membership to all monthly events, on-demand content, and receive The Living Manual practice + ritual e-guide as well as Bonus Content!


S I M P L E    |     I N S P I R A T I ON

 live your radiant way

Practicing mindfulness, and taking cues from nature, to create rituals + routines that support mental, physical, emotional + spiritual health.


Learn to understand personal/collective cycles + rhythms to build trust + supportive structures that allow for optimal creativity + flow. 


Delve into an experiential resource guide to infuse your life with meaningful ritual for everyday transformation.


    Reverence | years of devotional practice inform this guidance portal; from honoring the land, to the vast tradition of yoga, motherhood, + mentorship from diverse + respected knowledge keepers. The great mystery provides opportunity for upgrades + unlearning all ways.


    Realness  | When we own our sovereignty + choose to direct our energy in aligned ways, this results in new outcomes and we are empowered in our reality.


    Collectively honouring our unique paths +  perspectives, we dismantle hierarchy.  R+R invites creativity through process based practices, as opposed to productivity - meaning we can be messy + take our time.  Our radiance is not allocated to any physical beauty standard, but to the clarity of our mind, and the compassion of our hearts. vibrate the real you. all of you is welcome here.


    Refuge | Radiance +Ritual prioritizes autonomy, rest + regulation. declaring time + space as sacred allows you to transcend habits of distraction, and align with conscious intent. Learn to reclaim +  focus your energy through practices that balance your nervous system and result in an enhanced state of holistic well-being.


conscious collective

resources sustenance ceremony

virtual events held as a sacred container.


meditate together. develop meaningful personal practices/rituals. commit to inner healing work. strengthen boundaries. cultivate relationships. expand your creativity. integrate personal work.


live + on-demand

our time is valuable,  our energy is a resource needed for our creative projects + relationships, so events and varied on demand content to eromote rest + digestion between sessions.



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The Living Manual

Who is Radiance + Ritual for?

What's Inside The Portal?

Inside the portal is the links to all live events, our private community forum + The Living Manual. Information is organized by month + element. Each month will offer an Essence overview of the monthly theme, then provisions + tools that may include; breath practices, energy clearing tools, meditations, journaling prompts,  elemental energetics, dance temples, suggested plant ally's or teas, recipes + always a playlist.

Radiance + Ritual began as my personal handle on Instagram in 2012, where I created a visual diary as a new Mother on a spiritual journey called Life. My name is Sara Jade - I like to go by SJ.


I weave with shadows + light on my path, as I walk humbly with my guides, beside my fellow humans, annulling hierarchy + anchoring my gifts in the age of unity consciousness.


I create, I practice, I share tools + guidance that has served + inspired me at different stages of my journey. I hold a deep respect for the earth + am here to amplify messages of healing for the planet + her peoples.


I am opening this portal as a project to pour love into so that others may receive healing, creative sustenance, + a supportive community. I'm honoured to walk among many conscious healers, changemakers + space holders and it's my priveldge to offer this space for their offerings.


I wish to help those who seek a life beyond the mundane, and desire to transcend the status quo to create a life of beauty, equity + purpose.


Join R+R community or work 1-1 with me.

Working with SJ | what others say...

I felt stuck, and as much as I wanted to become unstuck I just couldn't find the energy within to take that small step to reconnect...


SJ has offered a sense of calm + focus in my practice, and given me the encouragement+ tools to continue my kundalini practice at home. I am extremely grateful for her generosity, wisdom, energy and guidance.



Working with SJ has been a true blessing in my life. Her knowledge, wisdom, + deep compassion have been the perfect container for our 1-1 work together. She truly meets me where I am, + is able to offer something that feels deeply resonant + therapeutic. She has a natural ability for sharing ancient wisdom in a way that still feels down to earth and accessible, which I believe to be the mark of a gifted teacher.


Somatic Counselor

Whenever I step into ceremony with SJ, I meet myself. Her vulnerability and sweet, open heart create space for emotional intimacy with oneself.


Side note, you will also end up falling in love with her. 😊


From New Moons to Tea Ceremony, her offerings are raw, real, and transformative.


High School Educator | Equity + Diversity Facilitator


Radiance + Ritual Portal

Access the full portal of offerings, including Spring Bundle, all live events including special guests, The Living Manual + private community forum.