Shakti Now


7 week guided course with Ishta Devi

to heal past trauma, reclaim your power + align with your True Nature.

This program combines clinical theory, ancient ancestral wisdom and esoteric practices to process your trauma, reprogram negative patterns and integrate knowledge of Self. 

Step into a supportive container

From the safety + comfort of your home.

7 week program consists of 7 courses. Each week receive a new video, reading material, journalling questions + a guided breath/meditation audio track.

Support, ask questions, + share experiences with Ishta.


In participating in this 7 week course, you will have 1 year subscription to SHAKTI NOW |Trauma Cleanse online, so you can continue to go back through the work as you need.

  • Video Content

    New videos each week discussing and expanding on the written topics.

  • Trauma Informed Movement Practice

    15 min videos provide movement practice to move energy that is being  released from the work. Cultivate a strong physical container for the energy to move through.

  • Reflection Questions

    Each session will have reflection questions for you to journal on for deeper personal insights

  • Audio Content

    Audio tracks of guided breathwork and meditation will be shared throughout the course.

I’m Ishta, your guide and sister, creator of SHAKTI NOW.

I am a clinical hypnotherapist, trauma Informed life coach, counselor, Mother, longtime yogi and practitioner of tantra, lover of ayurveda, artist, enchantress, cosmic dancer, master manifestor. 


I created this series because I suffered from PTSD and felt totally disempowered, stuck in wounding patterns + past stories. I have personally used these tools and teachings to liberate myself from PTSD symptoms, so I could feel grounded, safe and aligned with how I want to feel.


I believe that when we live in our highest expression, we show our devotion to the miracle of creation + honour the gift of life we’ve been given. When we are aligned to our True Nature, life becomes a more easeful flow of contentment. Tests will always come, but how we meet those tests determines the quality of our lives.


I understand the courage it takes to face the shadow. To transform from one paradigm to another, requires: trust, curiosity, grit, patience, humility, will and commitment. We do it because we love ourselves and we love the ones around us. 


As both a therapist and an artist, my underlying desire is to share universal ancient + indigenous principles in contemporary mediums and methods as a way to decolonize our individual and collective minds. I believe the return to sacred teachings is a way to heal humanity and human consciousness.     


It’s a central and profound facet of my life's work to share these transformational tools and principles with you. I honour your journey + process. If you feel ready to take the next step toward your healing, click on the button below to fill in the intake form, so I can learn more about you! There is also an option to have a call with me, if you are have any further questions.




7 weeks to process + progress:

Take a look at the outline...

  • WEEK 1

    All About Suffering


    • Your Story
    • Context
    • The Soul's Journey
    • Loss of Truth | Loss of Power
    • Changing the Trajectory
    • Our Autonomy / Our Choices.
    • Knowledge of Self / Discerning the Self


    Resources included:
    Hypnosis Track | Reframe Suffering to Bliss w Breath
    Breath Meditation | True Self Activation

  • WEEK 2

    Trauma + Power | Clinical + Esoteric

    • What is Trauma?
    • PTSD Symptoms
    • 3 Stages of Trauma Processing
    • Post Traumatic Growth
    • Types of Trauma
    • Patriarchy | Fear + Separation
    • The Exploitation of The Feminine Principle
    • Power + Control | Your Power
    • Trauma Triggers
    • Triggers and the Nervous System
    • Triggers as Opportunities For Change
    • Managing Triggers
    • Changing the Neuroplasty
    • Change Your Thoughts | Change Your Experience


    Breath Meditation | Grounding Breath
    Breath Meditation | High Vibe + Protection Breath
    Journal Prompts


  • WEEK 3

    Truth + Illusion | Light + Shadow

    • The Experience + The Witness of The Experience
    • The Imprints of our Experiences
    • Patterns Become our Reality | Recreating The Same Story
    • Doubt | Fear | Shame cycles
    • PTSD Symptoms + Dysfunction
    • The Pain of Dysfunction
    • Hurt People Hurt People
    • Frequency of Truth + Illusion
    • Looking at the Illusion With Love + Compassion
    • Bringing Light to The Shadow
    • Forgiveness of Self + Other



    Hypnosis Track | Seeing The Shadow Thru Compassionate Eyes
    Breath Meditation | True Self Activation
    Journal Prompts



  • WEEK 4

    The True Self

    • Your Eternal Self | Centering
    • Heartspace | The Magnetic Field of The Heart
    • Presence
    • Being at the Centre of Your Experience
    • Medicine Wheel Teaching
    • Know ThySelf | Self Reslonsibility
    • Releasing Blame | A Blame Free Life
    • Living From the Heart
    • Expressing YourSelf
    • Communication | Learning to Listen
    • Boundaries + Protection


    Journaling Prompts

    Breath Meditation | True Self Activation Breath
    Breath Meditation | Protection Breath

  • WEEK 5

    Energy Anatomy

    • Why is it Important to Understand Energy?
    • Energy + Science
    • Energy Pathways + The Nervous System
    • Chakras | The Nerves
    • Vagus Nerve | The Central Channel
    • The Unified Field of Consciousness | We Are All Connected
    • Blocks in the Flow
    • Unblock + Live in Flow
    •  Breath as The Gateway to Your Energy
    • The Alchemy of Breath
    • Breath + Bandha
    • Commanding Your Energy




    Resources included:

    Journal Prompts
    Hypnotherapy + Breath |Breathe into Resistance
    Breath Meditation | Nourishing Breath

  • WEEK 6


    • Trauma in the Body
    • Releasing Trauma From The Body
    • Ways to Release
    • Returning to Self
    • Constant Reframe


    Hypnosis | Release + Make Space
    Breath  Meditation | Purifying Breath
    Hypnosis Track | Reframe Suffering to Bliss w Breath



  • WEEK 7

    You Are The Creator


    • Next Leveling
    • Post Traumatic Growth
    • Creating Your Own Life
    • Tuned into The True You


    Breath Meditation | Shambhavi Mudra + Manifestation Breath

    Journal Prompts

    Additional Reading Material

A gift for you...

Thanks for reading through the material. Trauma Cleanse begins Nov 11 2020

Here's a sample audio meditation for Grounding

Grounding Meditation


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