Embody Steadiness

Embrace Stillness


Meditation, Ritual + Reflection  WINTER 20/21

Winter provides a resting place for solitude + surrender to digest the many lessons of the year.


Turning into ourselves, we access the deep resource of wisdom that is held within our bones, reminding us how resilient we are when we unite with our Inner Light.


Cultivate a grounded container to regenerate and incubate the visions that inspire + nourish us till the rebirth of Spring.


Create a personal sanctuary of stillness. Breathe warmth into this season of surrender + introspection. Nestle into your sources of sustenance and acquaint yourself with the Wisdom Keeper within.



Winter Wisdom is an on-demand bundle that offers an opportunity for self-reliance through Meditations and Ritual guidance for Winter Season 20/21.


Felt sense + inquiry is explored through intuitive daily practice. Soundscape, gentle movement + meditations welcome Winter with reverence, lending to a deep trust in the tending of your Spirit's rejuvenation + clarity.

What's Included?

  • Seasonal EBOOK for intuitive ritual inspiration PDF

    • Creating your space.
    • Setting intent
    • Seasonal Rituals + Themes.
    • Prompts for Self-Reflection

    5 x Meditation Practices in HD Video

    Daily 11 min movement Practice for "Resilient Fire"

    • Pre-Natal options + autonomous offering

    Playlists + Soundscapes

    Auditory exploration for Winter's Medicine


    *SPECIAL OFFER* purchase Winter Wisdom before Dec 16  and Receive SJ's TOWARD THE LIGHT class series  ($44 value)


  • I'm Sara Jade, SJ @radianceandritual

    Mother, Intuitive Movement Guide, Kitchen Witch, Writer, Sonic Explorer + Creatress @ Dharma Temple ~ an evolving conscious space. 


    Join me on the path to embody love through practicing with the beauty, diversity + strength of our beautiful Earth Mother. I share from my lived practices of magick + mysticism through music, movement, collaboration + coaching. It is my honour to serve the sacredness of the mystery. 


    I've been exploring realms of my consciousness, while navigating the digital world, in 2020, as a creative medium. 


    I offer Winter Wisdom as a transmission. It''s invitation into personal inner work. 2020 has been a year we have been invited to face ourselves, our solitude, + relationship to loss.


    This virtual offering is intended to provide a nurturing container for you to explore the essence of this Season, and connect to your intuitive knowing. 


    You can get in touch with me, SJ, here :)





In addition to the Winter Wisdom

ebook + HD videos,

You also receive:


Radiance + Ritual curated lists for//

Ambient Tea sits + Meditation.

Winter walks with earbuds to Enjoy your Space + Clear your Mind.

 Activate your energy through dance or the kriya in this series.




"My channel is most open when

I commune through music + sound,

so I have selected these rhythms, sounds + songs

to accompany ritual, reflection + release."







Let go of striving, activity + doing.

Simplify, stabilize + consolidate your energy.

Attune to your energy, daily.



Winter Wisdom  is a simple self-paced guide to explore personal practice through the winter months.


Winter Solstice Ritual inspiration is included, by not exclusive to this offering.

Empower yourself through Steady practice. 


Practices + writing exercises can be explored anytime.

** Offerings are best paired with auxiliary or blue-tooth speaker, done silently, or with music/soundcurrent of your choosing.*




Special Pre-Season Rate of $44 till Dec 20



Winter Wisdom provides tools to intuitively turn to for grounding + nuturing through the transition into Winter.

Explore these meditations to invoke inner peace + deepen self-trust as we step into the uncharted waters of 2021.


It was my absolute pleasure to create this offering.


May it take you deep within yourself, to receive the immense light within.



Blessed Be.








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